Idaho’s Tamarack: the Mountains’ Version of the Garden of Eden

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 5, 2009 2:14 pm

As the first new ski resort built in North America in 23 years, Tamarack Resort got off to a flying start.  Officially opening in December 2004, Tamarack features an impressive 2700 feet of vertical.  Set in the breathtaking Long Valley of western Idaho, Tamarack is one of those resorts where you wish the chairlifts ran in reverse.  That way you could face the incredible scenic landscapes while ascending to the top.

A beautiful mountain with Zen-inspiring landscapes, Tamarack is the definition of a four-season resort.  Meadows, lakes, and the Payette River Mountains all converge to create one of the most uniquely-beautiful playgrounds nature has to offer. 

The multifaceted experience of the resort mirrors that of the seasonal changes exhibited by its namesake, the Tamarack Larch tree.  Its leaves morph from light blue-green, turning bright yellow in autumn, and once falling to the ground, revealing pinkish-brown shoots.  It’s Nature’s coloring book, dazzling us with her color selection, and always meticulously staying within the lines.

If there’s an "ing" attached to the description of an activity, it’s likely you can do it at Tamarack.  Fishing, sailing, kayaking, water-skiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, and hiking are all part of the mountain lifestyle that permeates this wonderland.  One other "ing" activity: golfing.  The Ospry Meadows golf course, designed by famed golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Jr., rests perfectly along the shores of Lake Cascade.

Nature speaks loudest when an inability to leave such a setting arises.  You feel it in your heart, as many have, choosing to lay down permanent roots in this secluded playground.  Residents are now hoping for a resolution to be reached on the ski area, and are looking to March 10th when a judge will rule on the reopening of the ski resort.  A setting this inspirational should inspire those parties involved to find a resolution.  Tamarack is a gift bestowed from nature, held in our hands, to share with generations to come.

Here’s to many more walks along the shores of Lake Cascade, many more sunsets casting surreal shadows across the valley, and many more rides up the Summit Express, turning to look back at this mountain version of the Garden of Eden.



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