Syd’s, North Shore Tahoe Coffee Joint, Free Wireless, Good Vibes

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 16, 2009 12:51 pm

Trips are planned, weather is not.  For those days when the weather chases you off the mountain, a good coffee shop with free wireless and good vibes is an ideal landing spot.  Syd’s in Tahoe City will be there to welcome you into their tribe.  The North Shore of Tahoe services a whopping 12 resorts, among them Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, and Northstar.  Snow does not magically appear, and on the days when Mother Nature is showering blessings, skiing conditions may be more of a battle than joyful.  No disappointment, as only a perspective shift is needed.  With a laid back vibe befitting the best hang-out coffee shops, Syd’s will warm the heart of the ski-deprived.  Solid music,  Eddy Grant "Electric Avenue" paces the mood at this moment.  Bagels, thick smoothies, sandwiches (introduce yourself to The Gobbler on ciabatta), salads, and the perfected "Caffeine" menu.  The Baristas do their art with style and serious skill. 

In the ski movies, every day is a blue bird, perfect powder day.  Ah, but in the non-fantasy world, the weather can force a change of plans.  The mountains are always beautiful, whether on a lift or peering out from a coffee shop.  Seek shelter from the storm at Syd’s in Tahoe City.  Music fades out on Hal & Oats "Private Eyes"…

photo by kronicred

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