Roxy Chicken Jam at Mammoth Mountain This Weekend

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 23, 2009 4:00 pm

When it comes to the Roxy Chicken Jam at Mammoth Mountain, no amount of superlatives could be considered as exaggeration or hyperbole.  Among snowboarding competitions, it is one of the most prestigious, most important, most beautiful, and most entertaining.  The Fifth Annual Roxy Chicken Jam, March 27-29 at Mammoth Mountain, let’s break it down:

Most Prestigious.  Each year, the world’s best women snowboarders flock to Mammoth Mountain.  The Roxy Chicken Jam is one of the first all women snowboard comps, proving years ago that the women can not only fly on their own, but thrive.  Women only snowboard events are commonplace now, but it’s the success of the Roxy Chicken Jam that shook the establishment.  The event has one of the largest prize purses in women’s snowboarding, with $50,000 up for grabs.  Torah Bright, Kjersti Buaas, Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark, Erin Comstock, Hannah Teter, and Alexis Waite will all be using their snowboard skills to grab a big chunk of the cash prize.

Most Important.  The Ticket to Ride (TTR) world snowboard tour was founded by Snowboard God Terje Håkonsen and takes place over a 10 month competition season.  TTR events are scaled from single star events to six star events.  The Roxy Chicken Jam at Mammoth, a six star event, will result in the crowning of the overall TTR champion.  Currently South Lake Tahoe resident Jamie Anderson holds a commanding points lead, but with two events on the Chicken Jam ledger (slopestyle & halfpipe) and a thousand points going to the winner of each, a second consecutive title for Anderson is no sure bet.  But, if the 18-year-old is able to hold back the stacked field of international challengers, Anderson would be the first rider to claim back-to-back titles since TTR’s inception.

Most Beautiful.  There was a time, a long-long time ago (think the 1980s), when Mammoth Mountain was a relative secret.  No longer, as Mammoth Mountain is a worldwide, four season destination befitting its world class terrain and mega snow pack.  But, back in the underground 80s, folks would sometimes refer to Mammoth as "MAN-moth", as there seemed to be a lack of available ladies to chat up.  As Mammoth grew in public stature, the gender gap disappeared.  The Roxy Chicken Jam is symbolic of that change.  After pondering the incredible athletic skills that will be on display, ponder the influx of more than 130 female snowboarders.  A winter wonderland festival with hair by Paul Mitchell and touch-ups by Covergirl will add to the already overflowing crowd bearing double-X paired chomosomes.  "Wo-MAN-moth" may not have the same ring, but that will be scene on the weekend of March 27th.  Ladies and more ladies!

Most Entertaining.  The Roxy Chicken Jam always books music that’s free and good.  Last year it was the Silversun Pickups.  This year’s free concert features Santigold and Cold War Kids.  For the second year, the Mascot Superpipe Competition will cause involuntary howls of laughter.  There really is nothing more comedic than seeing Woolly Mammoth bust a backside 7.  Yes, the folks at Mammoth and Roxy stumbled upon pure visual gold with the mascot competition.  Last year, almost every news station across the country featured fuzzy creatures airing out of the superpipe.  Want to participate and become the next TV news star?  Mascot registration is free, and as most mascots are gender free, the comp is open to both male and female mascots.  Immediately following the Mascot Comp, check out "The Cluck Off", a half hour jam session with eight Mammoth locals, including six-year-old wunderkind, Judd Henkes.  Winner takes home 1k and buys the rest non-alcoholic beer!

There you have it.  The Fifth Annual Roxy Chicken Jam features world class snowboarding under pressure packed conditions, a free music concert, give-aways, fuzzy mascots, a six-year-old rippin’ boarder, and a small city of women replete with mountain skills.  Topping it all off is Mammoth’s Unbound Park Crew, who consistently mold mountains of snow into perfect pipes and parks, making the Roxy Chicken Jam a virtual utopia of snow happiness.

With daily flights from LAX to Mammoth lasting about as long as "Prepare for takeoff…Prepare for landing", treat your Mammoth runs like Vegas: impromptu.  Bail the cubicle, take advantage of lodging deals, check the Chicken Jam and stay a while.  U.S. Ski Team members Ted Ligety and Stacey Cook, celebrities, and junior racers will be on hand for the Mammoth Invitational, April 3-5.  In the personal diary, file under "From Mascot to Ligety".

Photos by Peter Morning

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