Sugarloaf “The King of Spring” Has Deals For You!

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 25, 2009 11:55 am

Sugarloaf in Maine has been dubbed the "King of Spring".  That’s a title-belt based on merit.  Sugarloaf has one of the longest ski seasons in the East, staying open into May.  This year, the resort is again offering "Maine Family Days", which allows families from Maine to ski on Sundays through April 12 for just $30 per person. Perhaps Wednesday is your day away from the cubicle.  Maine residents can also purchase lift tickets on Wednesdays throughout the season for just $29.

Most resorts shut down in April.  What to do with your season pass at that point?  You could use it to jimmy the lock of your garage door when you lock yourself out, or better yet, any season pass from another resort will allow you to get a lift ticket at Sugarloaf for just $39.

Starting to see why the mountain is the King of Spring?  But, wait, there’s more!  There’s the “King of Spring Package” which offers midweek ski and stay packages for as little as $49 per person per night, starting April 5. Packages include daily lift ticket, lodging, and access to the Sugarloaf Sports and Fitness Center.

Sugarloaf currently offers skiing and riding on 122 trails, including White Nitro in the front face snowfields. The 21st Annual Bud Light Reggae Festival, the resort’s biggest annual event that typically draws upwards of 10,000 guests, is set for April 16-19.

We have the King of Rock, the King of Pop, and now you know the King of Spring!

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