Squaw Valley’s 20th Annual Billy Dutton Uphill Race, April 12

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 26, 2009 10:25 am

The Dutton family name is again on the rise.  Tim Dutton, grandson of the late Billy Dunton recently took the top prize of the North American Freeskiing Championships at Kirkwood.  On the heels of that Dutton family victory comes the Annual Billy Dutton Uphill, the inverse of the famous ‘Chinese Downhill’ of the 70’s. Starting from the bottom of KT-22, the race course climbs 2000 vertical feet over 3.2 miles to High Camp, el. 8200’. This Easter Sunday, April 12, marks the 20th Annual Billy Dutton Uphill at Squaw Valley USA.  Snowshoe, nordic ski, hike — how you get to the top is entirely your choice of what climbing weapon best suits you.  Registration is $20 and proceeds benefit the Tahoe Nordic Race Scholarship Programs.

Billy Dutton helped establish the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue (TNSR) in 1976, based on his passion for cross country skiing and his vast knowledge of the Tahoe Basin and the surrounding backcountry. “Bill was our strongest skier. I was always sure to be with the likes of him when we teamed up on searches,” says Doug Read, Dutton friend and fellow original member of TNSR.

Dutton was a back-country super hero.  He once herringboned eight miles up and out of a canyon near Diamond Crossing, carrying a hurt woman on his back to safety and recovery. “All he asked was if I would carry his poles,” recalls Read. “He was the type who made our community such a wonderful place to live.” It has been two decades since Billy Dutton passed away, but his spirit lives on through the Annual Billy Dutton Uphill, and through his wife, children, and grandchildren.

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