Portable Rope Tow Coming to Windells Camp at Mt. Hood

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 1, 2009 9:40 am

Summer ski camp at Mt. Hood is a tradition stretching back as long as, well, longer than I can remember.  Taking turns on a glacier in the summer has become the rite of passage for both skier and snowboarder groms. 

Windells, a summer snowboard/ski camp, is bringing the first 730-T wire top tow to Mt. hood.  Why all the fuss about a rope tow?  Well this one is portable and can be moved at any time.  “Summer conditions are always changing,” says owner and operator Tim Windell, “This new lift will allow us to use the best snow everyday and maximize the experience for every camper at Windells all summer long.”

This system is already in use in Europe, and like rock music, has made the trip over the Atlantic to the homeland.  A portable rope tow?  Up next, the portable chair lift!

photo: not the 730-T.  Rope tows have come a long way…

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