Hatchett Brothers’ 80s Metal Bash April 11 at Squaw Valley

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 2, 2009 12:50 pm

There are cover bands and then there is Fortress, a metal band so powerful, so HEAVY, heads explode.  Featuring twin brothers, Mike and Dave Hatchett, this will be the third spring in which their 1980s heavy metal onslaught is unleashed upon the Olympic Village Lodge, with earthquakes of sound reverberating across the land.  The musicianship of this supergroup is second to none, featuring Jeff Martin of LA cult favorite Racer X, Scott Travis from Judas Priest, and Ugly Kid Joe’s Whitfield Crane.  All your 80s favorites will be on the set list with tracks from Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest.

Of course you know the Hatchett brothers from their legendary film company Standard, who introduced the world to Alaska big mountain riding.  Dave Hatchett’s first descent down the backside of the Mendenhall Towers near Juneau in 1994 redefined what was possible in Alaska.  Hatchett humbly stated there were better riders out there, but he had the confidence to ride the line that everyone thought was a death wish.  The footage was featured in Standard’s Totally Board 3 (TB3) and blew the Alaska Door wide open.  Jeremy Jones, the messiah of big mountains, took notice.  "In my mind, it opened up huge walls to us and showed us that if there was snow on it, you could ride it…  It stopped me in my tracks and turned my world upside down."

So when Dave Hatchett launches into a screaming guitar solo on April 11, know that this is a man who has stared down the dragon, not in some fictional MTV video sense, but in the real world of life and death first descents.  When Dave makes a pained face in the middle of a crushing riff, know that this is a man who lost two inches off his femur bone after a horrific fall.  Dave Hatchett is the real deal and Fortress will bring it in full falsetto, heavy metal style.

Don’t pansy through the door, dress appropriately with skin-tight leather pants and your most cherished beat-up concert T.  The last word on the event comes from the dragon slayer himself, Mr. Dave Hatchett. "The Metal Bash is definitely one of the best parties of the year, so come help celebrate another great season at Squaw – rock out, and come get your shred on."

photos: (above) the Hatchett Brothers channel their inner metal and (right) Jeff Martin of Racer X fame cries out to the beasts of the underworld.

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