Grateful Dead Tribute at Killington this Saturday

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 8, 2009 5:04 pm

Vermont has lots of goodness. Sweet maple syrup, Ben and Jerry’s and skiing until it gets too hot for ski pants. Yup, Killington is still open for skiing, so no closing news there, but the ski resort will host the 13th Annual Sunshine Daydream Festival, which is a skiers’ tribute to the Grateful Dead (who, by the way, are about to go on tour again!).

On Saturday, April 11th thousands of Dead Heads and skiers will find an all-day party. The event will feature live music from Playin’ Dead and the Kind Buds as well as drum circles, Dead-inspired crafts and tie-die shirts. The music begins at 11am and bands will be performing on the outdoor stage at the K1 base lodge…rain or sunshine! The juries out on whether they’ll be serving cones of Cherry Garcia, but regardless, it should be a rockin’ trip.