Sugarloaf Inviting You to Decide Which Lifts Remain Open

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 16, 2009 2:00 pm

Power to the people!  Sugarloaf in Maine is letting you decide which lifts will continue to operate for the rest of the ski season.  All resorts scale back operations this time of year, but Sugarloaf is letting guests decide which two lifts to keep open. 

Skiers and boarders are invited to vote through Sugarloaf’s Twitter account.  Your options: would you prefer to have the Sugarloaf SuperQuad and Spillway East lifts open, or the SuperQuad and Timberline chair ferrying you up the mountain?

Voting booths are open now and will remain open through Saturday.  Sunday the votes will be tallied, and on Tuesday democracy-in-action will be displayed with the winning lifts operating, and the losing lifts…?  Do chairlifts have feelings

Twitter users can vote by messaging @sugarloafmaine. Lift tickets at Sugarloaf are just $49 through the remainder of the season, and midweek ski and stay packages are available for as little as $49 per person per night.

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