Loon Mountain & Bear Mountain Invited to Mammoth’s Superpark Terrain Park Exhibition

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 1, 2009 3:05 pm

Mammoth Mountain’s Unbound Crew will once again be heading into the lab to reinvent, progress the possibilities of park skiing.  The Unbound Crew is responsible for Mammoth’s three terrain parks and their park craftsmanship is irrefutably among the best in the world.  To keep the creative juices flowing and never allow for park stagnation, Mammoth Mountain each year hosts Superpark, a non-competitive exhibition of top male snowboarders (Mason Aguiree, Luke and Jack Mitrani, Pat Moore, among many others) taking to whatever creation the park builders come up with. 

Park builders is in the plural because each year the Unbound Crew invites other resorts to join in the collective, creative process.  This year the build crew from Bear Mountain in Bear Bear Lake, California will be back once again to lend their expertise.  Bear Mountain is another leader in the field and this will be their fifth showing at Superpark.  And for the first time, an east coast crew of builders will be on hand.  Loon Mountain, New Hampshire breaks the west coast monopoly at Superpipe.  “Superpark has been a great part of our sport for many years, and Loon is proud to bring some East Coast flavor to the festivities,” said Jay Scambio, Loon Terrain Park Development Manager. “We have always pushed the envelope in our parks to progress snowboarding and have some fun while doing it…which is exactly what I think Superpark is all about.”

Oren Tanzer, the Jedi Master of the Unbound Crew, exhibited certain confidence in commenting, ““I am one-hundred percent positive that this year’s park will be the best to date and set a new standard for future Superpark events.”

The future will be on display May 5th at Mammoth Mountain. So steal some credentials and go check out what the mad snow scientists are up to this Cinqo de Mayo with Mammoth’s sixth annual Superpark on display at Chair 4.

photo by plasticsnow aka Kat

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