Mammoth Mountain Conditions are SUPREME Right Now! Best Late Season Ever!

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 8, 2009 5:01 pm

If Mammoth Mountain were a baseball player, there would be no doubt that he was juicin’ up on performance enhancing drugs.  The skiing at Mammoth right now defies any natural explanation.  The past couple days have been so good that my smile is still stretching from me to you. 

First off, the coverage is just impossible!  A storm early this week dropped a couple feet of new snow.  In my 25 years of hitting Mammoth, I don’t remember this much snow, ever.  And the calendar reads May?!  The snow pack level is even with the exit of the gondola station.  No step down!

That storm that dropped the late season snow was immediately followed by fierce winds that reconditioned the entire mountain, smoothed it over like a baby’s butt.  Not a bump or a mogul to be found on Drop Out or Wipe Out.  When’s the last time that happened? 

These conditions mean no speed limit for those of you making the super G turns.  Impossible coverage, hero type snow, no bumps, and zero lift lines.

And while you’re resting your legs between runs, check out what’s going on in the park.  The best pros in the world are at Mammoth right now.   Each time you blink you miss someone throwin’ something that’s jaw-dropping.  It is non-stop.  I sat and watched for hours, the best free TV anywhere.  Bobby Brown, Nick Martini, Sammy Carlson, Simon Dumont — they’re all up at Mammoth giving shows for free! 

It’s a special, unique time at Mammoth Mountain and my message is simple: Get up there RIGHT NOW!

photos by Daniel Hansen

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