No More White Knuckles: Treble Cone Offers Shuttle to New Zealand Resort

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 11, 2009 5:55 pm

When compiling a list of New Zealand ski areas, Treble Cone should be lodged in the brain for having some of the steepest and best terrain around.  The resort was started as a community resort, owned and operated by the locals from nearby Wanaka.  Once derided as “a hick town in the backblocks of Central Otago,” today Wanaka is “bursting with quant schist buildings housing top-notch accomodation.”

What lead to the rapid improvements?  International clientele discovering this hidden gem resort and its top level powder and legit big-mountain terrain.

One thing that has not changed too much since it’s inception is the gravel road leading up from Wanaka to Treble Cone.  For U.S. travelers accustomed to nice four-lane roads to their favorite resort, the route to Treble Cone can be unnerving.  “Guard rail” has yet to be translated concept to our Kiwi friends.  But, such simple oversights have not eliminated the Austrian and Norwegian ski teams from making Treble Cone one of their preferred summer training spots.

Word out of Wanaka this past week was the announcement of daily shuttle service up the 7km road of switchbacks to the base of Treble Cone.  Now, those seeking the thrills of Treble Cone can skip the unintended thrills of the drive to Treble Cone.  Put the drive in the hands of an experienced Wanaka driver.

“Many of our international guests are in a foreign alpine environment, in rental cars and have never driven on unsealed roads. This new service will put their mind at ease,” says Sam Fulton, Treble Cone Operations Manager.

“Unsealed” roads?  Yep, still working on the concept of “guard rail”, but the shuttle service is a welcome step for those searching out the best skiing that can be found during the summer.

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