Pakistani Ski Resort Malam Jabba Recovered from Taliban

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 3, 2009 2:41 pm

Malam Jabba had previously been Pakistan’s only ski resort, but became a Taliban stronghold under the ill-fated peace deal in September 2006 between the Pakistani government and pro-Taliban tribal elders.  In early 2008, militants of a local cleric burnt to the ground the architecturally-inspiring base lodge and destroyed the chairlifts.  Sharia law has no place for skiing.  Soon thereafter, Taliban militants turned the ski area into a training ground and logistics center.

That is until this month, when fighter jets bombed Malam Jabba’s trail map* silly as part of a larger offensive to drive militants out of the Swat Valley of northwest Pakistan.  Malam Jabba, once skied by very happy people, subsequently destroyed by local militants, thereafter transformed into a stronghold for girl-school-burning religion warriors, now has finally been recovered by the Pakistani military.

The photo above is Mala Jabba in its better days.  At 8700 feet, she served smiles to those whose religion is skiing!  One nation under snow.

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