Ski Portillo Season Begins Amid Flurry of Early Season Storms

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 25, 2009 10:41 am

Dorothy wanted to go home, but if I had those magical slippers right now, I’d click ‘em three times while tweaking the mantra to “There’s no place like Portillo.”

A series of early season storms have dropped five feet of snow, or one horse jockey, onto the Chilean ski resort of Olympians, families, and smiles.   There’s no place like Portillo.  More snow is on tap for the next few days, with a couple of storms lining up their trajectory to pass over Hotel Portillo.  Inside the “cruise ship” hotel, all will be warm and cozy, sipping on their Pisco Sours, pondering the fresh, above-treeline, wide-open tracks of another bluebird Portillo day.

Folks will be making turns at Portillo until October 3rd.  If you’re not hip to Portillo, let me break it down Cliffs Notes style.  There are no condos or sprawling developments.  Portillo is an island unto itself, albeit an island surrounded by majestic 19,000-foot Andean Peaks.  The island only has room for 450 guests.  The skiing is ridiculously good.  The kind that makes you cry.  Fourteen lifts serving 450 guests.  Kind of like the Yellowstone Club, minus the massive membership fee.

Ditch summer, pop a couple Tylenol PMs, and hop a flight down to Portillo.  Or kidnap Toto, and make a hostage exchange for the slippers.

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