Winter Steeps in July! Red Lodge Summer Ski & Snowboard Camp in Wyoming

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 2, 2009 9:33 am


You know the symptoms.  An insatiable craving filled with complete impatience.  Sometimes at night, staring up at the ceiling, a cold sweat breaks out.  You need to ski!  You need to ski now!  Just a couple turns, one little fix!  A single hit, rail slide, anything, come on!

You have a couple options for your condition.  Obviously you could flip the equator switch and head down to Portillo, Chile.  Although, for some of us (me), budget and time-off requests are two hurdles too high.  Fear not, for I am now going to hip you to one of the great summer skiing spots not named Mt. Hood, right smack-dab in northern Wyoming.

It’s the Red Lodge International Summer Ski and Snowboard Camp.  It’s open RIGHT NOW.  Turns in July, all hail Red Lodge Summer Ski and Snowboard Camp!

First off, at Red Lodge’s camp, there are some super fun, legit chutes.  Steep stuff with soft snow.  The kind of snow that you can treat like a dirt biker.  Just spraying mud thanks to the fat ski revolution.  As you can see in the photo above, Red Lodge has the pitch to scratch the skiing itch.

Red Lodge has been joyously called intimidating, in that the parking lot for the ski area is at the top.  An oxygen-challenging 10,800 feet is where you park your car.  Strap on your weapon of choice, and there’s only one way to go: down.  There’s 700 feet of vertical accessed by two Poma lifts.  Pitches vary from 15-50 degrees.  Yep, that’s right, 50 degrees.  Steeps in the summer. 

There’s also a terrain park, gates for the racers, and a mogul course set up by former U.S. Freestyle Ski Team member Tony Gilpin.  To cheer on your snow skills, a herd of 20 mountain goats have been making daily visits to the camp.  This is Nature’s land shouldered up next to Beartooth Pass.

And the vibes are welcoming.  Kurt Hallock, one of the owners, was first exposed to the camp in 1966.  In his youth, he took a job making sandwiches for the kids at the restaurant/lodge.  Mr. Hallock sidestepped the sandwich industry, and joined the ski school at Sun Valley and Portillo as a nationally certified ski instructor.  Today, he’s using his lawyer skills to pay the bills in San Diego.  After a couple lean years for the camp, Kurt stepped in to keep the smiles going.  The camp is certainly not a big money-making operation, but is one of passion for our shared religion of skiing.

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