Aspen Skiing Co. Executive Responds to Criticism

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 26, 2009 10:49 am

The recent announcement of this season’s pass options and pricing from the Aspen Skiing Co. has been met with some amount of criticism.  On Tuesday, David Perry, Senior Vice President of the Company, discussed the rationale behind the new passes for the upcoming season.  He explained that after looking at the numbers, including how many days that pass-holders were actually skiing, the strategy behind the pricing and options was changed.  

The company dropped the price of its Premier Pass, which provides unlimited skiing and snowboarding, by $200, but also eliminated the two-day pass, which gave skiers and snowboarders the option to enjoy the slopes two days for each week of the ski season.  Perry says that since the majority of people who bought the two-day pass, which cost $919, did not ski or ride twice a week, the company felt it could eliminate it.          He also notes that those people who real want to ski or snowboard two days a week or more should purchase the Premier Pass, which is $1,099.