Bear Mountain “Parkumentary” Premiere on Saturday Following Rail Jam Contest

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 17, 2009 10:04 am

My hometown always gets big props for its incredible terrain parks.  Always innovative, always ahead of the curve, and there’s always better weather in Big Bear.  Can’t get better than that.  This Saturday (Sept. 19), following Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails pro rail jam, there will be the premiere of the highly-anticipated “Parkumentary”.

The film tracks 20 years of terrain park and snowboarding at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.  It starts with the first hand-dug halfpipe in 1989, which was at the top of chair 6 (an odd choice looking back at it), all the way to the Bear’s present day status as an industry leader in terrain park developmentBear Mountain and Snow Summit had a huge hand in snowboarding’s rise from fringe sport to the mainstream.

Snowboard legend and all-things-snowboarding announcer Todd Richards will MC the rail jam contest.  It’s the sixth year for HD&HR and 15k will be on the line.  The event will be judged by JP Walker, Seth Huot, Joe Sexton, Keegan Valaika and Simon Chamberlain.

Rider List: Chris Bradshaw, Zak Hale, Scott Vine, Jed Anderson, Pat Milbery, Johnny Miller, Ryan Paul, Johnny Lazzareschi, LNP, Mike Casanova, Chris Grenier, Chad Tarbell, Sean Black, Johnnie Paxson, Will Lavigne, Ted Borland, Ben Bilocq, Jess Kimura, Anthony Mazzotti, Ryan Tarbell, Justin Mulford, Lenny Mazzotti, Yale Cousino, Cameron Pierce, Chris Brewster, Louie Paradise, Brandon Hammid, Jake Olson Elm, Jake Kuzyk, Harrison Gordon, Desiree Melancon, Austin Hironaka, Melissa Evans, Kyle Clancy, Austin Young, Jonah Owen, Scott Blum, Ben Rice, Dylan Alito, Brandon Cocard, Forest Bailey and more.

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