Treble Cone Goes Huge with Biggest Air Ever for Triple Comp

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 24, 2009 10:34 am

Although the U.S. Ski Team has come and gone after their summer training, Treble Cone in New Zealand is still hopping with activity. Groomers Dave Crotty and Paul Kirkland took advantage of the extra-deep snow base to build the biggest jump in Treble Cone’s history for this weekend’s Triple Comp. 

The two jumps 11 and 17 meters high, respectively. The smaller has more of a kicker for ‘pop,’ while the larger is more of a floater. Either jump will provide fantastic spectator options! The Treble Cone Triple Comp aims to cover all aspects of skiing and riding.  The big air sponsored by Rossignol, is the freestyle feature in the event which tests a rider’s ability to perform difficult maneuvers over a consequential gap. 

The Harris Mountains Heli-Ski Expression Session is the freeride portion in which competitors will use Treble Cone’s natural terrain to construct a unique run.  Judges will look for difficulty of line, aggression, fluidity, and most importantly style as skiers and snowboarders face head to head for three heli-ski trips sponsored by Harris Mountains Heli-Ski.

Competitors will race through gates set high and low on the banks of one of Treble Cone’s most infamous natural pipes in the BASE Banked Slalom.  This event tests a rider’s ability to negotiate a specific line set down challenging terrain while racing as fast as possible.  Two runs, best time counts.

There will be specific winners for all three events, but there will only be one King and one Queen of the Triple Comp. Wanaka Waste Busters has designed the trophies. The comp starts Saturday and will run through Sunday, weather permitting. For more information, visit or check them out on Facebook.