Swiss Air ONLY European Airline NOT to charge for gear

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 18, 2009 7:03 pm

Swiss Airis now the only European Carrier to not charge to put your expensive board or skis in a dark, cramped, cold, airplane.  While other airlines charge to put your gear in the bottom of the plane, Swiss Air  has decided to keep it’s policy of, not  charging passengers extra for ski gear, realizing that a lot of them are flying to the Swiss Alps for a winter getaway, when they could go to somewhere warm and sunny. 

Swiss officials state, ”We have always offered free transportation for one set of ski equipment, in addition to checked luggage allowance, and SWISS has no intention of changing this. It’s part of our company ethos to offer customers the very best product we can and to ensure they can experience Switzerland and the Alps thanks to a comprehensive timetable. We feel that free carriage of ski equipment is an integral part of this offering and, during these financially challenging times, we’re particularly keen to be able to offer any possible support for ski enthusiasts who are reluctant to abandon their winter holiday.”

Remember, when booking travel make sure you understand what fees you are paying. If you bring skis many US carriers charge 50 per set of skis and that is each way. Possibly adding up to $400 dollars to a family of four traveling, plus bag fees for regular checked luggage!

My hat is off to Swiss Air, for keeping the free policy! Now if only they flew from Los Angeles to Aspen…….