Two Nevada resorts see earliest opening ever

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 1, 2009 11:14 am

October 31st is a special holiday to all citizens of Nevada.  Not because of Halloween or the fact that they are just mere weeks away from a nice turkey dinner.  No, on October 31st Nevada celebrates “Nevada Day” which marks the anniversary of Nevada’s entrance into the United States of America as its 36th state.  This year Nevada received a special treat for Nevada Day, and that was two of its premiere resorts having their earliest opening ever.

Boreal Mountain Resort has started its chairs, and plans to keep them open for the rest of the season.  Mount Rose-Ski Tahoe, which is southwest of Reno, NV, opened one lift on Friday and according to a spokesman from the resort, “will evaluate conditions before deciding whether to open again next weekend.”  According to the Associated Press, cold temperatures earlier in the week were replaced by high pressure and sunshine, making for mild conditions and perfect fall weather for Nevada Day celebrations in Carson City, or other outdoor activities” which include skiing and snowboarding.