Opening day at Vail with sunshine, celebrants, and Lindsey Vonn

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 20, 2009 2:29 pm

The sun shone its approval at Vail’s opening day.  Folks were crowded onto two runs and the speed police were out in full force, but smiles and good vibes dominated. 

After having spent the past two days at Copper with the U.S. Ski Team, we shot over to Vail this morning to share in the first day celebration.  Nothing but respect for Vail and its grandness.  Blue Sky Basin is the ultimate accoutrement and Vail’s been wearing it for 10 years now.  All hail Vail!

I got up on the hill about 1pm and proceeded to find my line.  Running up the side of a bank here, a super G turn there, it feels so good to be back on skis!  Cruising the singles line I was paired up on a lift ride with John Ewing, Vail’s new captain of terrain parks.  A solid dude that Mr. Ewing, and he’d set up a few jibs and boxes for the opening day celebrants. 

Leaving the mountain I ran into Lindsey Vonn.  She laughed at my skis, but my Gotamas are the skinniest skis I own.  Hey, what if I’d been on my Darksides?  And those Gotamas can still hold an edge on hard snow, but yeah, conditions called for some stiff GS or slalom skis.  Lindsey had a couple pairs of Head slalom skis in tow, but she wasn’t willing to give up a pair.

It was good to be riding a chairlift in the sun, sharing copious amounts of sunscreen, seeing the great Lindsey Vonn, meeting Mr. Ewing, and helping to drop the opening day curtain on one of the greatest ski resorts in the world.  Humbled and blessed by the gifts the Ski Gods bestowed on me on this wonderful Friday.

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