Nani’s in Jackson Hole

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 23, 2009 6:02 pm

Nani’s Executive Chef, Camille A. Parker 

For a true Italian culinary experience, Nani’s is the place. Authentic Italian food prepared with fresh ingredients and served as if you were dining in Nani’s home. The menu is huge, so making a decision may be tough – whatever you choose, though, is sure to be delectable. Highlights include pasta alla checca (tomato, fresh mixed herbs and fresh mozzarella cheese), or the Risotto alle Quaglie Tartufati (whole roasted quail on a bed of arborio rice with pancetta, grapes, shallots, red wine and parmigiana reggiano).


242 N Glenwood ~ 2 blocks N of Broadway ~
PO Box 1071
Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83001
(307) 733-3888


Click here for Nani’s Classic Menu