Timbermine Restaurant and Steahouse at Snowbasin

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 4, 2009 10:51 am

1701 Park Blvd. Ogden, UT 84401

   For excellent contemporary dining and a nostalgic trip back to the days of the gold rush, try Dean Hill’s Timbermine Restaurant in Ogden. Hundreds of antiques, a collection of more than 3,000 mini bottles and Jack Daniels fifths complement the restaurant’s rustic atmosphere, made even more believable by strategically placed mannequins that mime the activities of those bygone days.
     If you’re dining mid-week, take advantage of The Timbermine’s specials. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are highlighted by Bar-B-Qued Chicken and Country-Style Ribs. The Timbermine’s full bar has any libations you may want to enhance your dining pleasure. The Hill family has added another banquet hall for up to 350 people. To find the Timbermine Restaurant, take the 12th Street Ogden exit and go east, towards the mountains. You’ll see the restaurant on your right side just before the mouth of Ogden canyon.

Stake your Claim
Deep Fried Mushrooms
(Served with our special sauce) Serves 4
$6.75 1/2 Order Deep Fried Mushrooms
(Served with our special sauce) Serves 2
$5.25 Shrimp Cocktail
$7.50 Wet your Whistle
Roy Rogers . Shirley Temple . Soft Drinks . Iced Tea . Milk $1.95
Coffee . Tea . Hot Chocolate
Bottomless Drinks
Kids Menu
Children 12 & under
All meals include
Drink, Fries and ice cream
Little Miner
8oz. Bacon Wrapped Chopped Steak
Grub Steak
A juicy 8oz. New York Steak
Dynamite Sticks
Chicken Strips
$8.00 Golden Pieces
3 Deep Fried Shrimp or Halibut Nuggets
$12.00 From the Creek
Mother Lode
A Delicious 9oz Lobster Tail Dinner
$30.95 Gold Pan
A pan full of 6 Golden Deep Fried Shrimp or Scampi
$20.95 White Gold
10oz Filet of Halibut
$21.95   Fresh Gold
A 10oz Fresh Filet of Salmon

        Double Strike
Tenderloin & Lobster
Our 8oz Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin with our Delicious 9oz Lobster Tail
$42.95 Tenderloin & Shrimp
Our 8oz Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin with 3 Golden Deep Fried Shrimp
$28.95 Tenderloin & Crab
Our 8oz Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin with 8oz Fresh King Crab
$34.95 From the Hen-House
Teriyaki or Bar-B-Que Chicken
The Gambler
A full meal for the Big Miner 32oz Porterhouse
$30.95 The 49er
A Thick and Juicy 22oz T-bone
$26.95 The Claim Steak
Try the flavor in our 16oz New York
$25.95 16oz.   $19.95 10oz. The Gold Rush
The Tenderest Steak in the Mine . Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin
16oz – $25.95   8 oz – $19.95
The Ore Car
A hearty meal of Beef Chunks with Pineapple, Green Peppers, Onion, Tomato and Mushrooms cooked on a skewer
$20.95 The Miner
Bacon Wrapped Ground Steak with Sauteed Onions or Mushrooms
$15.95 Add Sauteed Mushrooms to any Steak for $2.00 Mouth Watering Prime Rib
Full Cut
16oz Slab
$26.95 1/2 Cut
10oz Slab
Limited Amount Cooked Daily The Sweet Tooth
Mud Pie
Strawberry or Cherry Cheesecake
Hot Apple pie Ala Mode
Gold Diggers Delight
Ice Cream
Timber Pie