Ellina in Aspen

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 14, 2009 12:01 pm

Chef Dena Marino of Ellina

Chef Dena Marino passionately creates exceptional fare with an emphasis on local ingredients and slow food.  The name Ellina, is short for Valtellina, a valley in northern Italy. Known for its’ cheeses (in particular Bitto), its sausages (in particular bresaola) and its wines. It’s remote location brings a natural emphasis on local ingredients and slow food. The area and the cuisine of Valtellina is a favorite of Dena’s and will influence the Ellina menu.  Ellina restaurant brings together old world values and new world vision. The rustic country menu will also include some favorite dishes from D19.


430 E. Hyman Ave.
Aspen, Colorado 81611
(970) 925-2976


Click here for Ellina’s Menu