Copper Mountain does its best Ferris Bueller in giving snow day excuses for the Boss Man

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 21, 2009 2:23 pm

Need to free yourself from the daily grind?  Dying for a mountain fix, a chairlift ride through an amphitheater of nature? 

Copper Mountain understands.  The Colorado ski resort’s new efforts are summarized in the title ‘EVERYONE DESERVES A SNOW DAY.’  Damn straight! 

To help you battle your boss, there are PDF downloads of fake doctor notes from the esteemed Doctor/Captain Fredrick McGilicutty (pictured above).  The Doc is available to call your boss, just plug in your boss’s phone number and Fred will work his phone magic.

To complete the show, there’s a soundboard of sneezes, coughs, and all things phlegmy to help pull the wool over the Boss Man’s eyes.

Of course once freed from the binds of daily treadmill, you’ll need a good nickname.  More precisely a good ski patrol name.

Sitting here typing away at a desk under halogen lighting, it feels good to know that I am not simply Zeke, but Zeke “Knee Deep” Piestrup!  Step back!  Get your patrol name and doctor’s note here.

Snow Day Lodging Package:
Copper is making it easy to enjoy a Snow Day this season with the Buy One Get One at 50% (or 4th night free) lodging package. Book one night of lodging and we’ll knock 50% off the second night. That equals 25% off each night, or if you stay for four nights, the last one is free. That’s what we like to call Copper Math of Awesome. Fun Details: This package is based on double occupancy in a silver standard room. Other restrictions apply.

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