Mustang Powder Resort proves that you’re never too old to bring your entourage

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 8, 2010 2:07 pm

By the words of Turtle from Entourage in reference to hanging with his bro’s, “Don’t take this as an insult but as hot as you are sweetheart, I would never ditch Vince for you,” it is no surprise that the same rules apply when it comes to skiing. It’s never too late for this camaraderie or ‘bro-mance’ as some might say, especially when your crew is a gang of powder thirsty skiers.

All married and established professionals around the age of fifty, Peter Williams and his entourage from Calgary, Alberta make their annual trip to Mustang powder of interior British Columbia to cat ski with the boys. A combination of untracked powder, hot tubs, and brews with the boys, there is never really an age where a love for skiing powder and bro-time can’t bring the team together.

As a tradition for 6 years now (originating at Monashee resort also in British Columbia) as Turtle is never without his Entourage, ‘the powder pigs’ together are never without their powder. They are a group of 12 professionals who walk the streets of downtown Calgary in their suits all week who have made a tradition of cat skiing every year like its Hockey Night in Canada!

For the past four years the ‘old as dirt’ boys have been the first trip of the snow season to Mustang Powder Resort. The crew has made a name for themselves at Mustang becoming close to the owners Nick and Ellie. By day they ski and by night they hit the Mustang bar and pool table for some brews and bro-time. Sometimes injuries or obligations cause a member to have to sit the trip out but for the most part the ‘boys trip’ has ski season priority.

The boys stay tight knit through their common love for powder although it’s not all sharing and caring on the slopes. According to Tim Daleselle “There is no drama except the skiing part! Friends become enemies as soon as the first guy is off the mark and powder pigs the run. Over the years guys have developed strategies so as not to be identified…ie, start in middle of pack and bee line past first three groups and take over the last 60% of the run!” Charles Samuels, the solo doctor on the trip paints a more altruistic image of the crew stating that “Each guy has his contribution and reputation for entertainment” in that the time on and off the slopes is equally as exhilarating whether its chatting or powder hogging.

Charles Samuels also poses a toast to the organizer of the entire event, Peter Williams in that Peter “makes sure that there is a tradition… he brings people together and that is his incredible talent. The group has evolved over the years but there is now a core that remains stable and gives the group a real personality.” Peter has been the prime leader for the boys trip and had known most of the guys for over thirty years. Peter takes pride in forming a powder thirsty union of old timing skiing warriors and a tradition that continues to bring the group together.

For entourage member and close friend of Peter’s, oil exploration engineer, Murph Hannon, there is a short poem in which he toasts to on the final night that sums up the yearly cat skiing tradition:

“Too far too the left, too far too the right,
the f****** guide is out of sight.
Don’t know where my partners at,
hope the poor bastard can find the cat!”

It just goes to show that there is really no age limit to your ski entourage, especially when you make it a yearly habit of clowning and powder hogging. And there is really no better way to form this entourage then through your love for skiing. Mustang Powder is just one of the few resorts that make for the perfect backdrop of a boys trip with many more to choose from in just the interior of British Columbia. By the wise words of Tim Dalesalle “A ton of fun and two tons of powder!”

Article by Jenna Hannon