Cafe Fiore at Sierra

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 15, 2010 2:08 pm

“You don’t have to worry about distractions at Cafe Fiore- there are only 7 tables! It doesn’t get more intimate than this. Candles glimmer at each of the window side tables arranged in the cozy wood paneled dining room. In the summer, tables are set up outside. Wherever you sit, be adventurous: the Italian menu features items such as Eggplant Crepes served with sun-dried tomatoes with sherry wine sauce, among other unusual selections. Desserts are out-of-this-world, especially the homemade white chocolate ice cream. We were tempted to stay an extra day in South Lake Tahoe just to come back here…”

G a r l i c B r e a d 4.00

E g g p l a n t C r e p e s
Thinly sliced eggplant stuffed with smoked salmon, grilled and
served with a sherry cream and sun dried tomato sauce 13.95

S c a m p i
Tiger prawns sautéed with garlic, butter and julienne vegetables;
served over cappellini 13.95

B r u s c h e t t a S i c i l i a n a
Sliced bread sautéed in olive oil and garlic, topped with a relish
of tomato, basil and capers; garnished with sweet fried onions 9.95

C a l a m a r i F r i t t i
Fresh calamari rings lightly breaded and fried; served on a bed
of marinara sauce 12.95

E g g p l a n t E n C a r r o z z a
Fresh eggplant lightly breaded and fried, topped with mozzarella
and served on a bed of marinara sauce 10.95

F e t t u c c i n e A l f r e d o
Heavy cream, butter, garlic and parmigiano 7.95

M i n e s t r o n e a l l a C o n t a d i n a cup 3.00
bowl 5.00

Insalate- The Salads

C a e s a r S a l a d 6.75

S p i n a c h S a l a d
Spinach salad with walnuts and chopped egg; served with a
warm bacon dressing 8.75

La Pasta- The Pasta

C a p p e l l i n i B o c c o n c i n i
Meatballs lightly breaded and fried then tossed with a fresh
tomato, basil and marinara sauce; served over cappellini 18.95

L i n g u i n e a l l a T o s c a n a
Linguine tossed with chicken, Italian sausage, onions, red,
yellow and green bell peppers, butter, garlic and sherry 22.95

F e t t u c c i n e a l l a M a r e n g o
Fettuccine pasta tossed with strips of chicken, roasted bell
peppers, olives, sun dried tomatoes and garlic in a
white wine sauce 22.95

P e n n e P r i m a v e r a
Penne pasta tossed with fresh vegetables in a marinara sauce
or a light cream sauce 15.95

S p a g h e t t i c o n S a l s i c c i a
Spaghetti pasta tossed with Italian sausage, prosciutto,
fresh tomatoes, spinach, crushed red chilies, garlic and olive oil 20.95

F e t t u c c i n e a l l a C a l a b r e s e
Fettuccine tossed with garlic, artichoke hearts, broccoli, olives,
pine nuts and fresh tomatoes in a light white wine sauce 16.95

Fruitti Di Mar- Seafood Pastas

C a p e l l i n i a l l a S i c i l i a n a
Angel hair pasta with shrimp, scallops, diced
tomatoes and capers in a white wine sauce 25.95

L i n g u i n e F r a D i a v o l o
Mixed seafood combination tossed with linguine, finished in
a spicy marinara sauce 30.95

A r a g o s t a M e l o d i a
Fresh lobster served over fettuccini, tossed with mushrooms
and tomatoes; finished in a lemon tarragon sauce 32.95

D i M a r e a l l a F i o r e
Prawns, scallops and assorted fresh seafood sautéed in a cognac,
caper and lemon butter sauce; tossed with linguini 31.95

Le Carni- The Meats

P o l l o a l P o m o d o r o
Chicken breast sautéed with garlic, pancetta bacon, tomatoes and fresh herbs 18.95

P o l l o i n P o r c h e t t a
Chicken breast sautéed and baked; finished with roasted garlic
cloves, fresh rosemary and pine nuts; served over angel hair pasta 20.95

P o l l o a l l a S o n o m a
Boneless breast of chicken sautéed with wild mushrooms, artichoke
hearts and tomatoes; served with a Sonoma chardonnay cream sauce 20.95

A r i s t a D i j o n
Pork tenderloin grilled, sliced and served with a tarragon Dijon
mustard cream sauce 24.95

B i s t e c c a a l l a V e n e z i a n a
Grilled medallions of filet mignon served on toast points and
finished with a green peppercorn cream sauce 33.95

F i l e t t o a l B a r o l o
Tenderloin prepared in Barolo wine sauce 34.95

B i s t e c c a a l l a F l o r e n t i n a
Medallions of filet mignon sautéed with garlic, julienne roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, fresh basil and white wine 33.95

V e a l S a l t i m b o c c a
Veal scaloppini wrapped around prosciutto and mozzarella;
finished with mushrooms in a Madeira wine sauce 29.95

S c a l o p p i n e d i V i t e l l o
Veal scaloppine sautéed with butter, diced red onions, wild mushrooms, garlic and tarragon; finished with a lemon and white wine sauce 29.95

S c a l o p p i n e S a l t a t e a l M a r s a l a c o n F u n g h i
Veal scaloppine sautéed with Marsala wine, mushrooms and shallots 29.95

S c a l o p p i n i a l l a P i c a t t a
Veal scaloppine dipped in parmesan cheese and egg batter,
finished with zucchini and a lemon butter caper sauce 29.95

Entrees are served with a salad and fresh vegetable of the day.
Pastas are served with a salad.
Additional charge of $4.95 for splitting entrees.
Corkage $15.00
Cake $15.00



1169 Ski Run Boulevard #5
South Lake Tahoe

Ph. 530.541.2908

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 16692
So. Lake Tahoe, CA., 96151