Gitano’s at Marble Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 26, 2010 3:37 pm

Gitanos’ is the place for people to enjoy a sensory experience. The food, the wine, the art, the music is selected to sooth some senses while stimulating others. The decor is eclectic but tasteful and, most importantly, warm and inviting. There is no particular “theme” but the restaurant will be known for interesting food, music and original art.

Very good wines are available by the glass or the bottle. Bottles of wine are marked up by $15.00 to $20.00 no matter what the base price. Wine by the glass has a higher margin but will not exceed 100%. The developers of Gitanos’ believe the industry trend, of more than doubling the cost of bottles of wine, is very close to the edge of revolt by the general public. Case in point is the current debate in Ontario over allowing patrons to bring their own bottle of wine into licensed establishments. We want to provide an opportunity for patrons to enjoy good wines with their meals without having to exceed a budget they are comfortable with.

The menu is developed on a regular bases – on availability of (as often as possible) from local foods but the preparation methods will be classical and draw on international themes such Thai, Japanese, Italian, French and, of course, Spain to mention a few. The menu selections will consider healthy eating at all times. Vegetarian and Vegan eating styles are given the same respect as Omnivorous. A deep fryer is NOT on the equipment list As often as possible, foods sourced from Newfoundland and Labrador such as fish, berries and meats and produce will be the inspiration for the menu.


Millbrook Mall
Corner Brook, NL