Jack Sprat Restaurant at Alyeska

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 3, 2010 3:05 pm

Jack Sprat is committed to providing the community of Girdwood and its visitors with high quality food that is fresh, creative, unique and delicious. We are health conscious with our ingredients and eco friendly with our resources. We create a relaxing family atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
In a nutshell, Jack Sprat serves honest food. We strive to find the best ingredients by learning where they come from and how they are grown. Then, we create each meal from scratch. We use your dollars to support local, organic, and sustainable products to promote a healthy planet. You will find humanely raised meats, wild caught seafood, and lots of fresh vegetables on every plate. We change our menu seasonally in order to serve the freshest food possible.



Fresh Rolls
Buckwheat noodles, cucumber, carrot, green onion, Mandarin orange & lettuce in Thai rice paper with sweet Chinese chili sauce 7

Date Skewers
Gorgonzola stuffed dates wrapped in bacon with balsamic reduction 8.50

Roasted & Raw Beet Salad
Oven roasted & marinated red beets with organic beet spirals 7

Middle Eastern Hummus
Traditional spread of mashed chickpeas with tahini, lemon & olive oil, homemade flat bread, coriander marinated cucumber, carrot, tomato & olives 10

Yam Fries
Served with our jalapeno-arugula aioli
Small plate 6 Large plate 9

Salted Rosemary Loaf
Warmed with roasted garlic infused olive oil & basil 3.75

Soups of the Day 6


Even more delicious with: Alaskan Halibut add $9 or Salmon Lox $6

House Salad
Mixed greens, tomato, carrot, red onion & organic sunflower seeds
raspberry vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette or Caesar dressing 7 Side 5

Nutty Jack
Mixed spring greens, candied walnuts, red onion,
feta cheese, Mandarin orange & raspberry vinaigrette 7 Side 5

Wisconsin Blue Cheese Caesar
Crisp romaine, Gorgonzola, parmesan, house made crouton
tossed in our Caesar dressing 7 Side 5

BLT Salad
Hickory smoked bacon, mixed greens, tomato, red grape, pecan, red onion & Gorgonzola tossed with balsamic vinaigrette 9 Side 6


Salmon Pasta
Alaskan red salmon lox with fresh spinach, red onion, roasted garlic, lemon & herbs over fettuccine noodles in a blue cheese cream sauce 25

Filet Mignon & Roast Portabella
Seared medallions of all natural beef tenderloin
over basalmic marinated portabella, sauteed Swiss Chard,
caramelized onion & compound butter 33

Raw Thai Pasta
Living food consisting of zucchini & yellow squash “noodles”,
bell peppers, green onion, carrot, tomato, fresh herbs & spicy Thai chilies tossed in lime yellow curry over fresh young Thai coconut cashew sauce 19

Green Curry Stir Fry
Vegetable stir fry with a medium spiced coconut green curry over jasmine rice & organic broccoli. Marinated Tofu 21 or Shrimp 23

Gaucho Porterhouse Steak
Authentic Gaucho 20oz all natural beef porterhouse with Argentinian spice rub, served with chimichurri, mashed potatoes & buttered green beans 36

Black Angus Burger
All-natural 1/2 # beef patty with green cabbage, onion & tomato & your choice of cheddar, blue cheese or roasted jalapenos. Served with French fries. 13 Add bacon, extra cheese or jalapenos for 2. Substitute yam fries or side salad for 3

Halibut Burrito
Alaskan halibut, seasoned brown rice & black beans, cabbage, green onion & tomato with our house salsa & Cuban mojo sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla* Side blue cheese ceasar salad. 18 *you may substitute corn tortillas for flour.



Raw Apple Pie
Luscious apples with organic raisins & cinnamon in an almond-date crust made with no refined sugars, gluten-free & diabetic friendly 7

Alaskan Bread Pudding
Blueberries & white chocolate, served warm with bourbon sauce 6

Créme Brulèe
Rich, decadent custard, vanilla cream & caramelized sugar 6

Chocolate Cup of Heaven
Ooey-gooey chocolate baked with caramel,
topped with vanilla ice cream & strawberry port sauce 7

Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bar
Handmade, unprocessed, organic. Flavors are Simplicity (closest to a plain chocolate bar), Superchoc (bring on the superfoods), & Cool Peppermint (refreshing) 8.50

Espresso Bar
Proudly serving Matanuska Valley Milk from Alaskan Cows and Organic, non-GMO soy milk.

Brewed Coffee 2 Americano 2.50 Latté 4
Mocha 4.50 Soy Latté 4.50
Mayan Mocha 4.75
Spicy hot chocolate with espresso,cayanne & cinnamon spice
Chai Tea 5 House made blend steamed with milk or soy

Cappuccino 3.50 Double Espresso 2.50
Hot Chocolate 3.50 Iced Tea 2.50
Add Some Flavor: Vanilla, Sugar-free Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Cherry .25

Loose Leaf Teas
Organic English Breakfast, Earl Grey with Flowers,
Alyeska Spice, Organic Peppermint, Genmai-cha (green tea), Egyptian Chamomile $2.50

Juice & Soda Pop Specialty Cocktails
Pomegranate Juice 4 Pom-pagne 12
Orange Juice 2.25 Mimosa 10
Martinelli’s Apple Juice 3.25
Coca-Cola bottle, Diet Coke, Sprite can 2.50
Boylan’s Root Beer 3.25
Raspberry Ginger Brew 3.25
San Pelligrino Sparkling Water $2.25Address:


165 Olympic Mountain Loop
PO Box 1074
Girdwood, Alaska 99587

Email: info@jacksprat.net
Phone: 907-783-JACK (5225)
Office & Fax: 783-5226