The Pro Ski N’ Ride at Hunter Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 3, 2010 11:14 am

The Pro Ski and Ride opened adjacent to Hunter Mountian in 1993. Since then, our retails shop has been renting and selling skis and snowboards, boots, helmets, and ski clothing. The Pro also offers a complete state of the art ski tuning service on-site.

We are certaily best know for custom boot fitting and orthotics. Keith Holmquist is a pedorthist and has a large dedicated customer base. Skiers from all over the east (and some from the west) travel to The Pro for the boot fitting services.

Keith Holmquist has been making orthotics for over 20 years. Orhtotics are custom foot beds that support the arch and add comfort to one’s boots or everday shoes. He is a Pedorthist and had gone through bootfitting training at Master Fit U. His combination of knowing boots and understanding how the foot works ensures a perfect fit.
The Pro uses state of the art tuning machines, located in the Lower level “shop area” of the store. Our personel can help you determine what services you need and make sure they are performed a quickly as possible.

We have “wide” machines capable of stone grinding the widest skis and snowboards edge to edge. Skis can be finished by hand if a high quality race tune is needed.


Route 23A, P.O. Box 516, Hunter, NY 12442
Phone: 518-263-5303
Fax: 518-263-4077