Road clearing for Mt. Waterman (So-Cal) to open Friday, Feb 12

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 6, 2010 12:01 pm

It’s always a battle for Mt. Waterman.  But, there’s a reason why good folks continue to battle for its existence:  terrain.  Mt. Waterman has very un-So-Cal terrain, amazing steeps, fantastic out of bounds tree-skiing, and a family atmosphere that harkens back to the origins of skiing.

The Station Fire came within a mile of So-Cal’s first ski area to build a ski lift.  The scarred wasteland of summer has become a mudslide issue of winter.   Good news, however, has been posted to the Mt. Waterman website.  The road to Waterman should be cleared next week and plans are to open up next weekend, February 13.  A massive 5-7 foot base exists right now at the parking lot level.  El Nino has done its job and now Cal Trans does the biggest job, clearing the Angeles Crest Highway of snow and debris.

If you have not seen our report of Mt. Waterman, a So-Cal hidden gem of awesomeness, click here.

**UPDATE: the Waterman website now says that the opening will be on Friday, February 12th.








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