Celebrate Valentine’s Day with fitting ski destination

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 10, 2010 1:44 pm

With Valentine’s Day on Sunday, skiers need a romantic excuse to hit the slopes. Anyone can order a dozen roses, but only the truly debonair can find a ski spot that simply fits the special day. The Ski Channel is ready with 10 suggestions.

Loveland Ski Area is the most obvious choice. The Colorado resort even offers a mass wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Cupid Valley in Japan has international flair. Of course, you could buy a lot of roses for the cost of those plane tickets across the Pacific.

Kissing Bridge, a small ski area in western New York, has a quaint appeal and it is much closer than Japan.

Mt. Rose beats a mountain of roses, because a bouquet can not offer romantic views of Lake Tahoe.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort, just down the road from Mt. Rose, can be a good choice, but make sure there’s a proposal and ring involved to maximize this tie-in.

Sugar Bowl is another Tahoe destination for your “sweetie.”

Sugar Mountain in North Carolina is similarly appropriate for couples south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Big Rock Ski Area in Maine is the equivalent in the East to Diamond Peak– just with a little more pressure as to the number of carats.

Tuxedo Ridge in New York gives a formal option for couples. Only 35 miles from New York City, once again, it’s a lot closer than Japan.

Ski Sundown in Connecticut conjures images of a romantic sunset. Of course, the night skiing there means you can keep going after your romantic moment.


For anyone who does not have a significant other for Valentine’s Day, there’s always Mt. Bachelor.