Canyons releases 2010-11 season-pass prices

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 31, 2010 5:54 am

The Canyons Resort in Utah– or just Canyons without “The” as the name seems to be shifting– announced its season-pass prices on Monday.

The Canyons adult price jumped slightly to $999 from $899 last year, but received a long list of extras such as two nights of lodging– one night in the winter and one in the summer.

The adult pass for ages 25-64 comes in two flavors: silver ($999) and gold ($1,399). The resort values the extra benefits of the silver pass at more than $750 and the gold extras at more than $1,500. The prices for both passes jump by $300 after Oct. 15.

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For skiers ages 18-25 and college students of any age taking at least six credits, The Canyons offers the attractive Silver No Brainer pass for just $449. The Silver No Brainer includes the same extra perks as the adult silver except for the lodging. A Gold No Brainer with an enhanced list of extras, but still no lodging, goes for $999. The prices for both No Brainer pass types go up by $110 after Oct. 15.

The Canyons’ pass menu also includes children’s and seniors’ passes, a mid-week pass, and various discounted passes for teachers, firefighters, police and military personnel.

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(Photo courtesy of Eric Wagnon)