So-Cal’s Snow Summit & Bear Mountain start snowmaking, opening day announcement soon

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 9, 2010 9:56 am

The Jerusalem of snowmaking, BIg Bear’s Snow Summit fired up the guns last night as temps plummeted, signaling the start of the winter season in southern California.

Miracle Mile, Summit Run, Ego Trip and Westridge all got their first layer of snow over night. Snowmaking was on for 12 hours last night and it looks like there will be an opportunity for more snowmaking every night this week.

Five miles to the east, Bear Mountain (pictured right) also completed a 12-hour snowmaking shift last night.  The terrain park kings at Bear Mountain filed this report:

Last night was the happiest night in months with more than 12 hours of snowmaking! This week looks good for more overnight snowmaking and we’ll take advantage of every opportunity possible to create a strong base. I know the anticipation of opening day is killing you but we’ll let the cat out of the bag soon… maybe. Are you filed, waxed and ready to go yet? Well get started!

The Vegas over/under right now for Bear Mountain’s opening day is November 27th.  Put your money where your bandana face mask is…  When do you think Big Bear’s twin sisters of fun will open their doors?

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