First Annual Oakley Shred Hunt at Mammoth Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 26, 2012 1:03 pm

A promising forecast brought many to Mammoth Mountain this weekend happy to find the aftermath of a huge winter storm in the Sierras. The epic conditions were good news for the Oakley crew, hosting their much-anticipated events and shred contests. On the scene is one of the competitors of the event, The Ski Channel correspondent, Eric Zickefoose.


Photos and words by Eric Zickefoose

Oakley Week has been on and pumping all week long. The conditions at Mammoth Mountain are beautiful with sunny skies, plenty of snow, all runs open, and the best part is that it’s not super crowded. 

The two events that Oakley had going on Saturday, March 24th, were the Shred Hunt and the AM Jam. I participated in the Shred Hunt and had a great time doing so. The Shred Hunt was held between 9 am and 2 pm, open to 200 registered participants that went about their day searching for 200 hidden prize vouchers all over the mountain. Most of the vouchers were collected in the first two hours but it was still fun to be on the mountain and in the action. This was the First Annual Oakley Shred Hunt. Registration was free of charge and open to all skill levels.

After registering at 8:30 am, the participants were given instructions of what to expect as well as a handout providing hints about where to find the Oakley Prize Vouchers. They were placed on lifts scattered between the Main Lodge and Canyon Lodge. After collecting a voucher, you could redeem your gifts if you were a registered participant. The prizes included Oakley backpacks, goggles, t-shirts, beanies, helmets, stickers, amongst other items. Each voucher matched up with a specific prize number.
Even though I wasn’t fortunate enough to find any vouchers, I still had a great time carving up the mountain and experiencing the nice snow conditions — especially after the 5 feet of snow that Mammoth received last weekend.

The Shred Hunt and the AM Jam concluded an exciting Oakley Week at Mammoth Mountain. It dumped on Sunday to prep for more fun to come up on the hill.

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Images by Eric Zickefoose / The Ski Channel