Top 10 Celebrity Ski Towns

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 27, 2009 5:01 pm

We are the PaparaSki, stalking celebrities at ski resorts.  Hiding behind lift towers and oversized moguls, we wait for your favorite celebrities to make an unannounced appearance.  As wealth affords limitless travel, so it’s only natural that celebrities are frequent visitors to the great ski resorts of the world.  If I had the fame and coin, you can bet I’d spend all my time hopping from one great ski spot to the next.  And the PaparaSki would be taking my photo… snap!

It’s the Top 10 Celebrity Ski Towns, a convergence of great skiing with folks who like to think they’re great.  For sure they’re famous, they’re rich, and they’re invading your town.  Autograph seekers and groupies are stoked!

photo by Nig4

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