Cody Townsend Insider Tips: Squaw

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 29, 2009 6:13 pm

Favorite Run – Everything off of KT-22.


Favorite Lift – KT-22 is called the Mothership because it takes you to the best skiing in North America.


Favorite apres ski – Le Chamois – cheap beer, great pizza and the best sundeck in the world. Every pro skier in the world is there in the afternoon. It is a who’s who.


Powder Stash – I probably shouldn’t tell this, but OK, don’t take KT-22 on a powder day. Instead take the tram up to Granite Chief. There are powder days where I am in fresh tracks 3 or 4 laps before people get there.


Fondest memory – I was 7-years old and it was the first time hiking up to ski the Palisades. I got back to Santa Cruz and was telling all my buddies, but they didn’t understand.


What do you love about Squaw – it is the ultimate playground, Squaw has all the hucks, steeps and features of anywhere in the world, but in a nice controlled environment. I just love it.


Why do they hate you at Squaw – there are many people who say it is my fault that the KT-22 lines starts at 6:30AM because me and my buddies are the ones who started getting there that early and now it’s packed.