Brothers on the Run: Ep. 14 – Heli Sessions & Flowboarding in Chile

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 31, 2012 12:53 pm

Red Bull’s Brothers on the Run continues with Eric and John Jackson heading to the snow covered slopes of Chile. In this episode the brothers trade in their board shorts for some snow gear and set off for an epic heli session!

After a few big mountain lines, the Jacksons meet up with professional surfer Ian Walsh and check out the local wave pool for some flowboarding. The guys splash around for a little bit, then decide to head back up to the mountains for some more big mountain boarding. All goes well, that is, until the Jacksons in true brotherly fashion, manage to incur the same injury to the same leg, on the same jump while performing the same trick. Craziness!

With an early end to the South American leg of their adventure, we’ll be traveling back to the states to follow Eric and John as they drop in to an epic MRI session.

Stay tuned.



Song List:

1:58- 4:05
Mike Walpole- Broken Bones

4:27- 5:46
Ellias Music Library- Serious fun

5:48- 9:56
New Vision Recordings- The Monsters Are Coming

10:59- 11:15
Hot Bodies In Motion- Physics