The Wonder Reels Ep. 7: AIRSPACE

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 5, 2013 4:00 pm

The 7th episode of The Wonder Reels video series from Whistler Blackcomb is officially screening!

This episode emphasizes progression and shows how the Nintendo Terrain Parks at Whistler Blackcomb offer something different for every rider of all ages. Airspace is truly that blissful place between the comfort of solid ground and the adrenaline rush found in the air. 

The video stars Spencer O’Br

ien, who is a Nintendo Terrain Parks native and now a World Champion slopestyle snowboarder. Other athletes featured in the production include Leanne Pelosi, Chris Rasman, Braden Dean, and Johnny Lyall. In addition, Whislter Valley Snowboard Club Kids members, Brendan Keuling, Finn Finestone, Jayden Chomlack, Caleb Chomlack, Truth Smith, Irie Smith, Willem Stroud, and Devun Stroud got some action in the film.

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