K2 Skis and Coors Light: Ep. 1 – Skiing Impulsively and Drinking Responsibly

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 27, 2013 5:26 pm


K2 Skis has partnered with the rockies’s very own Coors Light to promote two of our favorite activities, skiing and drinking (both of course are to be done responsibly)!

These two iconic brands are celebrating their new relationship by crafting the world’s first cold-activated K2 skis to mirror the technology used in Coors cans. They’ve also assembled six of the top athletes in the ski industry to test out these new planks during a heli-skiing outing on Old Man Mountain in Lake Tahoe.

Sound like fun? Well, fans who are 21+ have a chance to win their very own pair of cold-activated K2 skis or snowboard along with special merchandise, and a trip to Kamp K2!!!

Check out the Coors Light Facebook page for more information.