Matt Reardon Dedicates Song to the High Fives Foundation

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 20, 2013 3:11 pm


Professional skier and musician Matt Reardon is using his voice to share the stoke of snow sports and for a worthy cause. With the help of the band Jelly Bread, Matt Reardon dedicated his song, “Can I Get a High Five” to the High Fives Foundation.


A non-profit organization, the High Fives Foundation  aims to encourage and raise awareness for athletes that have struggled with a serious injury to pursue their dreams of engaging in a winter action sport. The High Fives Foundation has made an incredible contribution to the snow community by raising funds, securing alternative treatments and aiding in the recovery of over 37 athletes.


Dominant as a professional freeskier since the 90’s, Matt has found another passion of pursuing a music career singing and jamming on his guitar as well as helping those who share the same love for winter sports. National tours, writing songs and self-releasing several records are just a few of his accomplishments on the musical side. Through his athletic and creative talent, Matt Reardon has traveled the world to ski and sing while contributing his songs to various action sport films including the Ski Channel’s 2011 award-winning film, “Sound of Winter”. The impact that Matt Reardon has made in music and in the world of freeskiing was exemplified through the film, “Sound of Winter”. Check out Matt Reardon in the Ski Channel excerpt of Winter



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