VIDEO: Cusp Of Glory Part 2

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 24, 2014 4:56 pm

Cusp of Glory; A Tahoe Coach’s Legacy tells the compelling story of four intimately connected freestyle skiers, who are all Olympic hopefuls – Scotty Bahrke (aerials), K.C. Oakley (moguls), and Brita Sigourney and David Wise (ski halfpipe). Cusp of Glory is a documentary introduced by Olympic gold medalist, Jonny Moseley, and narrated by three-time Olympian and two-time medalist, Shannon Bahrke.

The four featured elite athletes have much more in common than their Olympic dreams, however. They all grew up training and competing on the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team out of beautiful Lake Tahoe, and their childhood coach was Clay Beck. Tragically, Clay died in a small plane crash in 2008, so he is not here to bask in his skiers’ incredible, simultaneous positioning, on the brink of Olympic glory.

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Cusp of Glory takes an in-depth look at the arduous road to the Olympics, as witnessed by these young skiers. Scotty, K.C., Brita and David have not only dealt with injuries commonly associated with their dangerous sports, but have faced other personal challenges beyond the loss of their beloved coach. Their stories unfold through a combination of exciting, current sports footage of each athlete in their element, numerous clips from the Beck family’s vast video training archives, and intimate interviews with each athlete. A treatment of the development of the sports of freestyle skiing and freeskiing is also included, and additional insights are provided through an interview with a notable psychiatrist who specializes in the mentality of extreme athletes.

An uplifting tribute to Coach Clay’s legacy and the Olympic spirit, Cusp of Glory will entertain and inspire audiences of all ages with its story of triumph-over-tragedy. If you can relate to the importance of the coach/athlete connection; if you have ever wondered about the powerful motivation of the Olympic dream; if you are moved by the resilience of the human spirit to turn loss into inspiration, then Cusp of Glory; A Tahoe Coach’s Legacy speaks to all this and more.

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David Wise took the gold at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games!

david wise gold mens ski halfpipe_photo sarah brunson

Photo: Sarah Brunson / U.S. Freeskiing 

Brita Sigourney finished sixth overall at the Sochi Winter Olympic games Women’s ski halfpipe event.

BritaSigourney2-L_cusp of glory_photo Sarah Brunson/U.S. Freeski Team

Photo: Sarah Brunson / U.S. Freeskiing