Deer Valley Snowmaking

Posted By: Taylor Phelps on April 14, 2016 3:07 pm

The Ski Channel caught up with Bruce Collins, a level 3 snowmaker at Deer Valley Resort, and asked him what it takes to be a snowmaker day in and day out.

One of the most important duties of a snowmaker is to put quality snow on the mountain. Essentially, these guys map out a plan of attack, as far as which runs to coat and open first. The crew then, blast the mountains with their demo guns, air water guns, high pressure water, high pressure air, and fan guns – that produce their own air.

Once temps hit 26 degrees on the resort, the snowmakers have the green light. Temperatures begin to drop around mid to late October, and by November, the snowmaking crew is rocking and rolling.

One of Bruce Collins favorite things about working as a snowmaker at Deer Valley resort is simply having the mountain all to themselves. They see it in all conditions, at dawn, and dusk.
Snowmaking is demanding, yet a special experience and extraordinarily rewarding.

Check out this exclusive on level 3 snowmaker, Bruce Collins, as he discusses what it takes to be a snowmaker day in and day out, and some of his favorite memories being a snowmaker at Deer Valley Resort.

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