Salomon Shogun: Bringing the Rocker Revolution to All Conditions

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 12, 2009 12:10 am


salomon shogunFor those of us with a budget that allows for only a one pair quiver, it’s been difficult to watch the rockered, reverse side-cut revolution that started with Shane McConkey and his Spatulas.  Sure, these skis are the ultimate in powder, but what happens in hard pack crud? 

The leap to a rockered ski just became reality with a slew of skis coming out for next season that operate supremely in the powder and are firm on the hard pack.  A rockered ski that works on the hard pack?  For sure!

Armada has the JJ, and Salomon is onboard with an all-mountain, rockered tip ski called the Shogun, courtesy of Whistler legend Mark Abma.  The ski has a bamboo core, but that fact does not mean this is a flimsy powder ski.  Armor reinforced edges with a stiff layer of basalt stone make this ski plenty firm and stiff enough to handle non-powder conditions.  But, the rockered tip will float you to freedom.  There it is, the best of both worlds.  A rockered ski for powder heaven, but versatile enough to perform as your one pair, all-mountain ski.

See, you knew if you waited long enough, the rocker revolution would come to you, the single pair quiver man.  Your day has arrived, and the Shogun is your new weapon.  Use accordingly.

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