Armada JJ: Two Skis in One Quiver

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 1, 2009 12:05 pm


Who they are for: big mountain skiers, powder skiing, crud skiing, Gotama lovers

Who they are not for: mogul skiers, groomer/carving addicts, ice-mountain regulars

They’re Tanner Hall‘s favorite ski in the Armada line.  Try to buy them up at P3 in Mammoth and you’ll discover they’ve been sold out for months.  What in the Cabbage Patch world is going on here?

They’re called the JJs, a J for JP Auclair and another J for Julien Regnier, and this Armada creation is the first all-mountain powder ski with rocker.  It has quickly become THE SKI for those wanting a rockered ski, but don’t want to be powerless on the groomers.

It’s essentially two skis in one, or as Armada puts it, a “ski-within-a-ski”.  Under foot, the ski has sidecut and camber, the same as any traditional type of ski.  Ah, but venture further out from under foot to the tip and tail, and both are rockered (curved up) to float effortlessly above crud and pow. 

Shane McConkey started the rocker revolution in powder skiing.  The JJ takes the revolution to those with a single ski quiver.

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