Dynafit Alpine Touring Ski Boots for a Ridiculous $250

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 16, 2009 4:36 pm

First off, hear these words before throwing down your credit card: These are not normal ski boots.  These boots work only with Dynafit TLT touring bindings.  Now back to the program…

In the backcountry, folks are obsessed with weight.  Not in the Oprah kind of way, but in a technology kind of way.  Lighter is better.  The lighter each item of equipment weighs, the lighter the haul, and the more enjoyable the journey.

Ski touring’s popularity has risen drastically in the past decade.  Away from the crowds, skiers are discovering the reward of hiking for every turn.  The one company most closely associated with ski touring’s ascension is Dynafit.  Their binding and boot system eliminated many redundancies in the boot-binding relationship.  Sleeker, more compact, and exciting in its ingenuity, the Dynafit TLT binding was a revolution in ski touring.

If you’re pondering filling-out a ski touring set-up for your quiver, pick these boots up.  The boots weigh a super-model-esque ten pounds total.  Lest you think (unwisely) that the lightness of the Dynafit system means a loss in durability, Dynafit boots and bindings have ascended and descended Mt. Everest.  These guys can handle whatever you want to throw at them, Tough Guy.

The price, 250 bucks, is 62% off retail $654.95.  That’s a senior-citizen-discount times ten!

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