Nidecker Bindings…very responsive and comfortable

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 11, 2009 2:05 pm

Want one of the best and innovative snowboard bindings on the market as you are thinking about your snow gear for the upcoming season? Look no further than Nidecker, a Swiss company that makes their gear in their own factory and is creating a solid reputation among snowboarders. Solely focused on Snowboarding since 1984, Nidecker make some of the best and advance bindings out there.

The crème of the crop is their Act 1 line that includes the Act Carbon, Lucky Clover, and Ignition bindings. The Act Carbon is one of the best freeride bindings on the planet.  It is stiff, comfortable, and light, with a strong Carbon composite.  The Lucky Clover is the total all-mountain binding to transition from parks to peaks without skipping a beat.  The Ignition is the freestyle monster ideal for the park rat.

The entire Act 1 line has the exclusive Lateral Dampening System. The core of the LDS system is a gel-like foam in the baseplates that absorbs shock and also flexes laterally. This allows for an increase in edge control while providing more turning power, especially on the crud and slough. For those who get in a lot of days on the hill, the LDS system will save  your knees in the long run.

What’s been said most about Nidecker bindings is that they are comfortable and very responsive. I can certainly attest to that. I’ve ridden the bindings without my toe straps and only my ankle strap to test the responsiveness.  I went down smoothly because of the symmetrical highbacks and the typical Nidecker fat ankle straps.  However, there is one knock on the Nideckers, though.  The ratchets are lacking in quality and wear out quite easily. This is a surprise given the technology apparent in the Nidecker bindings. Nonetheless, the ratchets can be replaced at no cost and no hassle.