The Burton Driver X is Stiff Competition

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 18, 2009 11:58 am

If Speed Racer ever got out of his Mach-5 and hit the slopes with a snowboard, the Burton Driver X snowboard boot is what he would have on his feet. Fast and very responsive, the boot is built for speed.

The Driver X is the stiffest boot in the Burton line. It’s designed for the aggressive advanced rider who desires quick pinpoint responsiveness at high speeds. It allows  for the transfer of maximum energy with ease, so all that is required for those hard carves is just a subtle lean. No more burning up those calf muscles while holding down the toe-side edge on long traverses and hard carves. The flex stiffness of the boot automatically creates the necessary torque. There is no doubt about it, the Driver X is one of, if not the stiffest soft-shell boots you can get on the market.

Great thing about the Driver X is that for such a stiff boot, it doesn’t lack in comfort.  They are comfortable and don’t really feel restrictive at all for being such a stiff boot. It even has a fast and convenient lacing system. The Speed-Zone lacing system is quick, effective, easy, and works well…just a pull on the upper and lower zones and you are ready to charge! I’ve laced up my Driver X’s all tight and snugly in 5 seconds flat. The boot also has an outsole made specifically by Vibram from recycled rubber. So it’s made to hike to those snowy backcountry lines, while it also helps to preserve our winters…very nice.

The Burton Driver X snowboard boot…stiff, responsive, convenient, comfortable, and responsible.  It is certainly one of the top snowboards boots around.  Recommended for the intermediate rider who wants to progress quickly and perfect for the advanced rider who wants a boot to compliment his skills.