Responsive Flow Bindings are Perfect for the Resorts

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 19, 2009 5:52 pm

Flow bindings have been the solution for the rider who doesn’t like to spend time with that inconvenient ritual of strapping up his/her bindings every time exiting the chair lift. However, one of the main complaints about Flow bindings is that they lack real responsiveness compared to the traditional strap-up bindings. Because of this, many riders think Flow bindings are for beginners. Well, the Flow NXT series has addressed that issue.

The Flow NXT series is the top of the line binding for Flow. With its four MINIratchet buckles attached to the Flex Powerstrap, the responsiveness issue is resolved. The NXT series has four ratchet buckles instead of the usual two on the other Flow bindings. This allows for more adjustment options for the Powerstrip to wrap your boot for that perfect snug fit. The huge Flex Powerstrip is what holds your boot to the binding. It distributes tension over the entire top half of your boot. This disperses pressure points evenly throughout the entire boot so that the binding is highly sensitive to any boot movement. What do these factors add up to? It equals total responsiveness that either matches, or in some cases, depending on the specific binding, surpasses the traditional strap-up bindings.

Another added benefit of the Flow is that you can save your front leg/knee while you are riding the chair lift. Traditionally, while seated on the chair lift, the entire weight of your snowboard is solely on the front leg/knee that is always locked into the snowboard. Well sometimes that can be quite taxing, especially near the end of the day, or after a long and hard run. My suggestion, just after you’re seated on the chair lift, slip your free hanging back foot into its back binding without locking the highback and let the board hang on your back foot. Now the front leg is alleviated of half the weight because the snowboard is hanging on both legs….ahhhh. My front leg has thanked the Flows many times while on the chair lift.

The Flow NXT series is a very solid binding and does resolve the high responsive issue. I recommend the NXT’s to the intermediate to advanced rider who mostly, if not exclusively, rides at resorts. With the “Flow” benefits while riding and exiting the lifts, the NXT is perfect for resort riding…especially if you ride with skiers.