Back to School Backpacks

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 20, 2009 12:38 pm

Clothes are stuffed into your suitcase.  iPod is charged.  Boarding pass is printed.  Sunglasses, in hand.

Freeloaders of the world, your summer days have once again come to an end.  You’re headed back to school.  Once you’re on the plane and are about to take off, the notion of student life begins to sink in.  ‘Phew!  Thank goodness I’m going back!’  Then you look down and see a torn apart backpack you’ve had since sophmore year of high school.  Don’t panic!  Your wish is our command.

Finding the right backpack equates to finding a good pair of jeans.  There are so many options, different cuts, and various designs that leave you exhausted by the end of the search. 

Being a backpack connoisseur, the following will surely narrow down your search and keep you effortlessly in style:


If you’re going for the more traditional look, check out the REI Quantum Computer Pack.  The 15″ laptop friendly, ecoSensitive™ backpack protects your belongings and keeps you organized.  Padded sternum should straps (say that five times fast) help support your daily load in a comfortable fashion.  Improve the comfort of the occasionally extra heavy bundle by using the removable webbed waistbelt.  For $84.50, you can’t go wrong with this reliable REI backpack.  Trivia:  this pack keeps thirty-nine 16-oz. plastic bottles out of landfills!  Click here for more info or to buy this backpack.


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Mamma Mia, the REI Lookout 40 Pack makes me want to leave work and hike the closest range…and maybe go to grad school.

This backpack promises to keep your back cool  and dry with air     circulation channels.  An egg crate foam panel and high-density polyethylene framesheet will  decrease back strain with this extra support while also protecting your back from pointy materials.

The affordable REI ecoSensitive™ pack provides the option to include a hydration reservoir that is sold separately.

Twenty-six plastic bottles were kept out of a landfill due to one $89.50 sturdy and snazzy REI  Lookout 40 Pack.  Check it out!





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A proposition to The North Face:  The North Face Overhaul 40 Computer Pack should change names to The Cadillac.  I bet Iron Man uses this backpack.  And why not?  You need a heavy-duty transportation device if you’re a superhero.  Maybe Iron Man wanted the ability to store dirty gear in a separate compartment from clean gear. 

Translation:  Separate your dirty laundry into two compartments, slide your 17″ Mac Book Pro into the computer slot, toss a handful of quarters in the side pouch and head to class.  Take your books with you to the laundry mat instead of hitting up the library.  The best part?  You can go straight there because everything you need is already concealed in your backpack.

Mission completed, efficiently.  The North Face has done it again!

Go ahead, treat yourself to the backpack you deserve.  Just explain to Mom and Dad how you can do your own laundry and study at the same time with The North Face Overhaul 40 Computer Pack.


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The final ecoSensitive™ slot belongs to the REI Traverse 30 Pack.  If you wish to sport the student/mountain enthusiast look, take a glance to the left. 

A favorite characteristic of this popular pack is attributed to easy and quick access – the mesh side pockets conveniently store your sunscreen, water bottle, and/or snacks.  This could be a crucial detail considering a no food allowed policy in your mandatory four hour seminar.  Just bend down and grab the scrumptous treat from the mesh pocket.  No zipper noise to give away your illegal tactics.  Don’t thank us, thank REI.

The sleek pack offers two zippered pockets for organizing small items such as your ID, keys, shades, and so on.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.  To find out more details for this product, please click here.


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The metropolitan part messanger bag from The North Face holds up to a 17″ laptop.  The North Face Excelsior Computer Pack stays true to the traditional backpack formula supplying two padded shoulder straps.  There is also a removable waistband to balance weight distribution. 

Some day, you may not feel like carrying this pack on your back.  No problem, carry your belongings from destination to destination with the appropriately sized handle located on top of the large front pocket.  Click here to pick which color of The North Face Excelsior Computer Pack you like best. 



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